Custom Wine Tour

wine tasting

We offer the flexible option of custom tours. You pick the wineries and we take care of the rest. Prices can vary, because you may choose a winery that is not yet part of our network of winery partners. We are constantly working to expand our network to offer you the best experiences that we can. This is also a great option of there is an event (dinner, brunch, party, etc.) that you would like to attend and package into your tour.

Complete the form below or contact us via phone to create your own Custom Wine Tour. Please let us know the wineries that you’d like to visit, the number of people in your party and the date that you would like to reserve. We do require a minimum of 6 people for a custom tour, and other people may see your tour on our schedule and join in, but, hey, we believe that the more the merrier! We can pick up your group at a location of your choosing (within certain limits), or at one of our predesignated pickup points. (FAQ)

The base rate for a Custom Wine Tour is $954 for a minimum of 6 people. Please note that add-ons or extras may cost additional and can be discussed.

If you’d like your custom tour to be for ONLY your friends or guests, please contact us to UPGRADE to a private tour.

Please note upon checkout you will be able to choose 3-4 wineries you would like to visit. We cannot guarantee that the locations you choose will have availability but we will do our best.

From: $159.00